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Rehearsal dinner location

Rehearsal dinners have transformed in busy events, but you do not have to worry about planning your own. You have less than 24 hours until you and your friend tie the knot. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner was given by the groom's parents before the wedding. Everyone was invited to both families, at the wedding and out of town. Now that weddings have often turned into weekend chores, rehearsal dinner has become the grand prize of festivities. Here are some good ideas on how to plan a rehearsal dinner with our final checklist for dinner.


Venue options

Options are endless when choosing the rehearsal dinner location because you are feeding a smaller crowd and the event tends to be more relaxed. Restaurants, small rooms for weddings and banquets, bowling alleys and even a yard can be a rehearsal room. First of all, you have to decide what kind of place you want to celebrate with your loved ones.

Less traditional couples take their dinner at a completely new level. They choose to organize the rehearsal dinner in places where they can perform unique activities. A wine tasting in a local vineyard, a bowling alley in a luxury alley or a dinner cruise in a nearby lake are all examples of fun and dinner options.


The main consideration for choosing the venue for rehearsal dinner is the proximity of it to the wedding rehearsal. Guests outside the city will appreciate if the location is close to where they are. Traffic and lost guests can quickly reduce rehearsal dinner time and add stress to what should be a relaxing moment.

If the wedding venue is not available, your location coordinator should have a list of general rehearsal locations he recommends nearby. Learn how long the wedding party will take to go from the wedding venue to the test dinner location during the day when they travel. You can do it there in 10 minutes Tuesday morning, but traffic may be completely different Friday night.

How to invite your guests

If your rehearsal dinner is a luxury event with many guests outside the city in a banquet room, country club or similar, you must send formal invitations. You will also need people to respond to RSVP to have a catering number. If, on the other hand, the rehearsal dinner will be fairly discreet or small, a party in a restaurant or intimate gathering at your future in-laws’ homes, then it should not be so formal with your guests. You can send e-vites (electronic invitations), use DiY invitations or ask personally to contact people. Just make sure it is clear to your guests where they should be and when.

If you send invitations, get them out with, or shortly after, your wedding invitations to help everyone keep their plans, their plans to book travel and ensure RSVP in a timely manner. Give participants basic plans very early so they can book flights with the exact time of arrival.

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