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Tuxedo and suits

When it comes time to choose a tuxedo for your wedding, choosing the right color and style is the key.

Above all, your tuxedo needs to complement your wedding dress. If she goes formally, the tuxedo should follow the example to keep in style with the dress. Keep this in mind when choosing your tuxedo. You also have to choose your wedding theme. Once you have chosen a theme, you can think of the tuxedo styles. Start looking for a Tuxedo or a suit on Bridalope!


Your options in choosing the right tuxedo

Consider your options, how formal will your wedding be? What colors are you and your fiancé deciding? The higher the formality, a black, dark blue or anthracite tuxedo with a white/ivory vest and bowtie. Less formal, more options you can play. The vendors on Bridalope offer hundreds of color combinations and style options in the local inventory to choose from.

What season will your wedding take place? Generally, summer weddings show bright and vibrant colors, especially if your wedding is outdoors. White and light tuxedos are not worn in winter. Usually, this is an exception only if you travel to a warm tropical resort like Hawaii or Florida to tradition.

What else to consider when choosing a wedding tuxedo

Think about what your groomsmen will wear. Their tuxedos should be similar to yours, but yours should stand out. The bride and you should be the main attraction at your wedding. Maybe you can only change the colors of ties and vests or you go bold with a colorful tuxedo.

Adequacy is also an important factor in choosing your tuxedo. A traditional tuxedo has a classic look, less canonical. The most modern styles include a flat pant with no folds or even thin pants. Most vendors have a variety of classic, modern and thin tuxedos to choose from to make sure your wedding party looks and matches.

Finally, it comes to personal style, wearing and comfort.

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